Our Internet Is Always By Your Side!

Garanti BBVA Pension Internet is available on your desktop, mobile and tablet with its responsive design!

You can easily, swiftly and securely carry out your transactions for private pension, life, unemployment insurance and your personal information online, without the need to call out Our Customer Communication Centeror to visit to a branch.

Easy to login!

You can login using two alternatives. You can easily login to our Internet using either your Garanti BBVA customer information or using Garanti BBVA Pension login option to create a new password. By activating Remember Me function while logging in via Garanti BBVA customer information, you can login without reentering your customer / TR Identity number at each login.

Access all the details of your private pension contracts!

You can view all the details of your private pension contracts and swiftly carry out your transactions. You can monitor the summary of your total savings, fund allocation and risk allocation for your participating contract or contracts and view the savings, total contribution and total savings of the contracts you are participating or paying. You can view the fund return and government return rates that forms your savings returns and easily follow-up on your government contribution vesting status. You can pay contribution or make an additional contribution to your policy by Payment function. If you are a Garanti BBVA customer, you can change your payment tool by redirecting to Garanti BBVA Mobile by Payment Tool Change function in Garanti BBVA Pension Internet’s mobile version. If you’re saying: “I’m not very informed about funds and I don't have time to deal with these”, then you don't have to worry anymore. Our pension fund robo-advisor Fund Coach on our Internet makes all the thinking about fund, instead of you. All you have to do is login to our Internet and meet the Fund Coach. From the 'Saving Calculation Tool' menu; you can calculate your projected pension accumulation according to your current savings and see how your projected pension accumulation will change in case you adjust your contribution or make an additional contribution. Again, from the same menu, you can calculate your projected pension accumulation for a new contract. You can export any document in pdf' format and view, print or send it to your e-mail address. You can also complete the withdrawal transaction of your contract via Leave Contract button.

Private Pension View Options;

    • Total savings
    • Total government contribution
    • Total fund allocation
    • Total risk allocation
    • Contract-specific risk allocation
    • Contract listing
    • Government contribution vesting year, rate, total
    • Fund return, government return, savings return
    • Savings and contribution fund allocation
    • Calculation of projected pension accumulation
    • Fund performance comparison
    • Account movements in date detail view
    • Account movements in fund buy/sell detail view
    • Proof of payment
    • Adjustment process details
    • Monthly/Annual bank statement certificate
    • Contract certificate
    • Fund buy/sell details
    • Fund details
    • Monthly fund bulletin
    • Fund announcements

Private Pension Options;

    • Contribution adjustment
    • Fund allocation adjustment
    • Shipping address adjustment
    • Payment
    • Payment Tool Change (Only in mobile version)
    • Payment suspension
    • Withdrawal
    • Configuration of monthly bank statement

Easily monitor all the details of your life and unemployment insurance policies!

You can view the details of your life and unemployment insurance policies. You can view a summary of the coverage of the policies you’ve been insured or paying; monitor the coverage amount, premium amount, start/end dates, account movements and payment plans of your respective policy. You can follow-up your compensation file and send the documents missing from your file.

You can convert any document to pdf format, print or send to your contact mail address. You can select Payment under the 'Transactions' menu to make the payments of any of your policies.

Life and Unemployment Insurance Monitoring;

    • Total coverage
    • Total premium
    • Policy listing
    • Policy details
    • Account activities
    • Payment plan
    • E-policy
    • Proof of payment
    • Compensation file status

You can update your information from the Personal Information menu!

You can view, update or change your registered contact address from the Personal Information tab. You can view your registered phone numbers and e-mail addresses, save a new phone number or e-mail address and change your e-mail address from the phone and e-mail tab. You can view your current information at the Job, Profession and Education tab.

You can easily access our Internet from your desktop, tablet and mobile devices at any time and its features are not just limited with these. Login now to take a closer look at our Internet. Keep following us to see new features.