Education Insurance

The most crucial aspect of a good education is consistency and continuity. Education Insurance offers death coverage against unexpected risks you may experience and ensures continuity of your child’s education at all times.


    • Education insurance includes death coverage, which means that you can guarantee your child’s educational expenses in case of your decease.
    • Insurance period is determined by the remaining education period on the start of insurance. It can be at least 4 and at most 20 years.
    • The insurance premium you have to pay may vary according to your age and coverage. You can either pay the total insurance premium in cash or in 12 installments.

Coverage Amount

Education insurance coverage amount is determined according to the student’s annual education expenses and the limits you decide. Coverage amount is calculated to cover your child’s annual education expenses and remaining education period.

Each year, coverage amount goes down in direct proportion to your child’s remaining education period. For example, if we consider that a student’s annual education expenses are TRY 10,000 and that he/she has 8 years of education remaining; the first year’s insurance coverage is calculated at TRY 80,000. On the second insurance year, insurance coverage drops down to TRY 70,000. As a result, insurance coverage drops at equal amounts each year to ensure financial insurance of the remaining education expenses.

Tax Advantage

You can enjoy the tax advantage offered in the system as your life insurance continues to provide coverage.

You can deduct the following portions of the premiums you have paid, out of your income tax basis, up to the annual figure of gross minimum wage.

    • 15% of the wage earned in the applicable month for salaried employees
    • 15% of the declared annual income for taxpayers subject to annual declaration obligation

How To Apply?

For detailed information, please call our call center 444 0 336 or you can visit a Garanti Bank branch.