Extent and Coverage of Life Insurance

We offer you multiple life insurance options to help you choose the right product for you. Extent of your coverage may also vary according to your choice of life insurance products. You can find the extent and coverage of our product options below.

Coverage for death by accident

Provides financial protection for natural and legal persons who are the beneficiaries of an insurance contract and who have the right to demand the insurance compensation from the insurance company in case of insured’s death within the insurance period.

Coverage for incapacity by accident/illness

In case of insured’s permanent incapacity, meaning disability, due to accident or illness within the insurance period, a permanent incapacity compensation is paid to the insured at rates set out by the General Conditions of Personal Accident Insurances , after the end of the medical treatment and verification of permanent incapacity.

Coverage for medical expenses due to accident

In case of a medical expense due to accident, the coverage is paid to the insured. For the payment of coverage, the insured’s condition should be;

    • Verified by the accident report,
    • Documented by a medical report of the authorities of the health institution where the insured has received treatment for the accident,
    • Insured’s expenses should be documented with the submission of a detailed invoice, and these documents should be sent to us.

Coverage for critical illnesses

According to the General Conditions of Life Insurance and policy special conditions, in case of insured’s contraction of a critical illness within the policy coverage, compensation will be paid to the insured.

Coverage for daily hospital expenses

This covers the loss of income that will occur in case of insured’s admission to a full-fledged hospital approved by the Ministry of Health, for at least 3 full days as a result of an illness or accident. Self-employed individuals can benefit from this coverage.

Unemployment coverage

This is a coverage that private sector employees who have financial income can benefit when they meet the conditions stated by the policy, in case of insured’s involuntary unemployment within the insurance period.

You can find details about the coverage of our products in the policy special conditions.

So, how can we help you more?

The extent of your coverage may vary according to your choice of Life Insurance product and some conditions may be outside the extent. These conditions can be summarized as follows:

1- Conditions Outside the Extent of the Permanent Incapacity and Temporary Incapacity by Illness
    • Civil strife conditions like war or war-like operations, revolution, upraise, upheaval etc.
    • Criminal acts or attempts at crime
    • Except for intending to save the goods and assets in danger, insured’s deliberate actions that would put him/her in great danger
    • Natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, volcano eruptions, landslides

Any sort of attack and sabotage that would lead to a nuclear risk or use of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons or release of nuclear, biological or chemical substances

    • Illness or injuries that may occur due to attempted suicide by the insured
    • Apparent intoxication, use of drugs and narcotics outside doctor’s control
    • As defined by the World Health Organization, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and relevant complications or Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infections
    • Illnesses diagnosed prior to the commencement date of insurance that have not been declared on the insurance entrance form despite the information of the insured and/or insurer
    • Illnesses identified by the insurer since the commencement date of the insurance, those contracted within the period stated in the certification and the surgeries require by these illnesses
    • Other conditions stated on the certificate
2- Conditions Outside The Extent Of The Unemployment Coverage
    • Persons unapproved for Turkish Employment Agency’s unemployment benefit

Unemployment within the period stated in the certificate and identified by the insurer, following insured’s date of declaration to the insurer; in case of renewal, lack of salaried employment during the period set out by the insurer prior to date of unemployment or discontinuation of the current insurance even if the insured is employed within that period

    • Insured’s knowledge of his unemployment upon start of insurance
    • Insured’s employment in a seasonal job or a job where pausing is considered natural
    • Insured’s employment in certain projects and the termination of these projects
    • Insured’s voluntary unemployment or resignation or retirement
    • Insured’s dismissal due to error or crime
    • Suspension of insured’s job contract due to lockout or strike
    • Unemployment resulting from war, act of hostilities, armed conflict (with or without official declaration of war), revolution, rebellion and police measures as required by such events
    • Unemployment caused by ionizing radiation or radioactivity contamination caused by nuclear waste and related matters as a result of any nuclear fuel or combustion of nuclear fuel and any unemployment caused by military and police measures required for the same (The term combustion as referred to herein covers any self sustaining nuclear disintegration incident)
    • Unemployment caused by natural disasters like earthquake, volcanic eruption, flood, flash flood and landslide
    • Unemployment caused by possible nation-wide political or economic events and any similar legal or administrative measure
    • Unemployment resulting from terrorist acts referred to in Anti-Terror Law numbered 3713 and sabotages and actions taken by the competent bodies in order to prevent such or to minimize the effects of such including damages resulting from biological and/or chemical leaks, contaminations or intoxications
    • Unemployment due to employment of the insured and insured’s relatives and relations in case the insured is a natural person, and exclusively the insured, its shareholders, subsidiaries and executives in case the insured is a legal person, is connected through a bond of relation, shareholding, subsidiary, director position or such
    • Other conditions stated on the certificate
3- Conditions Outside The Extent Of The Daily Hospital Coverage
    • Conditions that insured has had prior to the insurance commencement date (due to accident or illness, deterioration or relapse) or received the opinion, treatment or recommendation from a registered practitioner prior to the date of commencement
    • Suicide or suicide attempt
    • Voluntary actions that insured have inflicted to him/her either intentionally or while unconscious
    • Any condition indirectly or directly related to the AIDS disease or HIV virus
    • Use of alcohol or drugs, except those used under medical recommendation or observation
    • Pregnancy, labor or miscarriage
    • Conditions caused by upheaval, terrorism, rebellion or revolution, war (declared or non-declared) or war-based events
    • Radioactive contamination or ionizing radiation from the nuclear wastes originating from nuclear fuels or combustion of nuclear fuels
    • Dangerous aspects of an explosive nuclear device or the radioactive, poisoning, explosive or other dangerous aspects of this device’s nuclear part
    • Backache and relevant conditions
    • Any stress, anxiety, depression, mental or nervous breakdown or psychoneurotic-related condition and their results
    • Optional surgical procedures or plastic surgery
    • Medical procedures carried out by an unlicensed practitioner
    • Other conditions stated on the certificate