What Is Life Insurance?

Your life is valuable to us! In case of unexpected surprises in life, we would like to insure you and your loved ones.

As you know very well, life not always goes the way you expect; it sometimes puts unexpected surprises on your path and makes it harder for you to continue. The important thing is to stay strong against these obstacles to secure the lives of you and your loved ones. To help you continue despite the unexpected surprises and maintain your life standards in any event, we are by your side with our life insurance products!

With life insurance; we offer financial support to you in case of your possible incapacity, dangerous illness or unemployment, and to your legal heirs in case of your decease in accordance with the coverage you’ve selected.


    • Financially protects you and your loved ones against unexpected surprises in life.
    • In case of your decease, the coverage on your policy ensures a financial guarantee for the future of your loved ones.
    • In case of your disability, it offers financial support as part of your policy coverage to reduce your future worries.
    • It helps you cover your high medical expenses in the event of an accident or unexpected incident, under the coverage of the policy.
    • In case you contract a critical illness, it offers you financial support according to your choice of coverage.
    • You can deduct your premium payments from your income tax assessment, in accordance with the current lax laws.

Life insurance coverage

Extent of your coverage may also vary according to your choice of life insurance products. While our life insurance products mainly cover, there are also other options that include the following additional coverage.

    • Coverage for death by accident
    • Coverage for incapacity (disability) by accident/illness
    • Coverage for medical expenses due to accident
    • Coverage for critical illnesses
    • Coverage for daily hospital expenses
    • Coverage for unemployment

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Why should I get Life Insurance from Garanti BBVA Penion?

We stand by your side with Life Insurance as well! We facilitate your procedures and insure the lives of you and your loved ones.

    • You can easily contact our World’s Best Call Center Award-winner Call Center to get answers for any question on your mind.
    • Thanks to our technological infrastructure, you can swiftly and practically carry out your Internet Banking transactions.
    • Backed by the strong partnership of Garanti BBVA, you can take advantage of our company’s sectoral expertise.
    • You can benefit from the support of sector-leading expert professionals at Turkey’s most popular pension company*.

We want you to take advantage of all these opportunities and we’re looking forward to welcome you to our large family of over 1 million members.

*According to Pension Monitoring Center’s data dated February 24, 2017; Garanti BBVA Pension is ranked 1st in number of private pension participants.

Life insurance general terms

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