Private Pension System

What is private pension?

Private pension provides you the opportunity to make regular savings and investments for your retirement. It is a pension system that is exclusively tailored to your future dreams. You’re in full control of when, how and what will be used to invest your savings.

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How much state contribution can I receive?

The amount of state contribution paid to a participant is limited by 30% of the annual gross minimum wage. Even if the participant has multiple pension contracts, the state contribution can not exceed 30% of the annual gross minimum wage.

How can I retire?

In order to retire in the Private Pension System, you have to stay in the system for at least 10 years and turn 56 years old.

In which funds should I invest my savings?

The answer to this question is in the Fund Coach! Meet Fund Coach, our digital fund consultancy service, to quickly grow your savings! Fund Coach monitors the markets for you and offers specific fund recommendations based on your age and risk profile. After completing the questionnaire that determines your risk profile, all you have to do is; To change your funds by regularly following the notifications sent by the Fund Coach every month. Thus, you can manage your monthly savings in accordance with the markets and actively. “I don't have time to follow up, my funds will change automatically.” If you say so, Fund Coach does that for you too. Automatic Fund Coach “automatically” applies the funds that are suitable for you and you don't have to do anything. You can also leave the management of your funds to the Automatic Fund Coach without wasting time.

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Auto Enrolment

What is auto enrolment?

Auto enrolment is a new system that allows employers to automatically enroll public and private sector employees under 45 years of age, into private pension system. Employees age of 45 and over can be enrolled the system upon their request.

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Will my auto enrolment contract merge with my current private pension contract?

Current contracts will not be transferred to the auto enrolment system.

How much government contribution will I receive specifically from the auto enrolment system?

30% state contribution advantage will be available in the auto enrolment system under the same terms and conditions. If you quit your job, there shall not be any cutbacks on the government contribution advantage; you can benefit from the government contribution as long as you stay in the system.

How much of my salary will be deducted for auto enrolment?

The contribution amount you need to pay for the auto enrolment system is 3% of your gross pay and it will be automatically deducted from the salary. Aside from the fund management fee, there are no other deductions. If you wish to increase your savings, you can request your employer to deduct a higher amount from your salary.


Life Insurance

What is life insurance?

Life insurance offers financial assurance to your family and your loved ones in case of your decease. It also offers financial assurance to you, your family and your loved ones in case of disability due to an accident or in case of a critical illness.

Who can benefit from life insurance?

Life insurance can be offered to anyone that meets the general conditions of insurance. Age ranges may change according to the purchased product and coverage.

Life insurance can be issued after a medical examination of your health conditions.

Does life insurance replace private health insurance?

No. Life Insurance and Private Health Insurance contain different warrants and conditions; they do not substitute for each other.

Can I benefit from the tax advantage for life insurance?

Yes. If you are an income taxpayer, you can deduct the life insurance premiums you pay for yourself, your spouse and your minor children under the age of 18, from your tax assessment at specified rates. As a result, the amount you will pay for tax and life insurances decreases.


Health Insurance

What is Supplementary Health Insurance?

Supplementary Health Insurance (TSS) is a type of state-supported insurance that is arranged to cover treatment expenses that are not covered by the Social Security Institution (SGK) or that are over the wage limit.

In order to benefit from the Supplementary Health Insurance, you must be affiliated with the Social Security Institution.

For detailed information, you can call our 444 0 336 Customer Communication Center.


 Live Healthy

What is Live Healthy?

Live Healthy is a well-being platform that offers activities and advantages to take care of yourself and your loved ones from today.

What kind of activities and advantages are offered in Live Healthy?

There are many online and physical activities and advantages in Live Healthy, including yoga, fitness, mindfulness, healthy eating, cultural tours, and handicrafts.

Who can benefit from Live Healthy?

All Garanti BBVA Pension customers can benefit from Live Healthy.

How can I benefit from the activities and advantages offered in Live Healthy?

You can access the details of the activities and advantages that you can benefit from the Live Healthy menu by logging into Garanti BBVA Pension Mobile. After receiving the code for the activity or advantage you wish to benefit from, you can start taking care of yourself!