Disclosure Policy

Purpose and Legal Basis

The Information Policy that has been prepared to disclose high quality information to all stakeholders including our company, its shareholders, investors and public institutions, within the scope of the principles set out by Circular on Corporate Governance. Principles of Insurance, Reinsurance and Pension Companies and the principles of Regulation on the Principles regarding Establishment and Activities of the Pension Funds on public disclosure; came into force upon approval of the Board of Directors.

General Principles

The Information Policy,

    • Complies with the Turkish Commercial Law, Insurance Law, Private Pension Savings and Investment System Law and respective legislations.
    • Has been drafted within the scope of our Company’s Corporate Governance Principles and transparency policy.
    • Aims to secure timely access of public institutions, our shareholders, current and potential investors, customers and other stakeholders to correct and complete information under equal conditions.
    • Ensures that publicly disclosed information is understandable, analyzable, cost-effectively accessible and adequately direct to help with the decision making of persons and companies that will benefit from the information.
    • Does not necessitate public disclosure of customer secrets and/or trade secrets or information legally prohibited for disclosure.
    • Board of Directors’ General
Information Tools

For public disclosure;

Year-end and interim financial statements, relevant footnotes and independent audit reports are sent to Undersecretariat of Treasury within the legal periods. They are also published on our Company’s corporate website.

    • Financial statements are sent to Undersecretariat of Treasury in monthly intervals and to Turkish Association of Insurance and Reassurance Companies in three month intervals.
    • The annual activity reports issued at the end of the accounting year are sent to Undersecretariat of Treasury and published on our Company’s website, following the approval of the Board of Directors and presentation to the General Assembly.
Corporate Website

The corporate website (www.garantibbvaemeklilik.com.tr) is actively used for public disclosure. Information on the corporate website is also prepared in English (www.garantipension.com). The corporate website is organized to ensure fast and easy access of stakeholders to information, Detailed information and data about our Company can be found on this website and the said information are constantly updated. The website also contains the bylaws, prospectuses, advertisement forms, price and returns and independently audited financial statements of three month and annual periods of pension investment funds found by our Company.

Retrospective information is systematically stored on the corporate website to ensure comparability. As the website enables access to quality information, our Company gives importance to improving the corporate website.

Publications On Turkish Trade Registry Gazette

All the amendments to the Articles of Association including Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assembly meeting decisions and capital increases are disclosed to the public through Turkish Trade Registry Gazette.

Persons Authorized To Give Statements

Chairman of the Board, Board Members, CEO and Executive Vice Presidents are authorized to give statements to the press and media outlets on behalf of the Company. Information requests of stakeholders are fulfilled by the relevant Executive Vice President and Department Manager.

Execution and Amendment

Board of Directors is authorized and responsible for the follow-up and improvement of the information policy. Board of Directors monitors and inspects the effectiveness and reliability of the public disclosure processes within the scope of information policy. Board of Directors is authorized to make amendments to the policy text and possible amendments are announced on the corporate website. Company’s Administration is responsible for the execution of its information policy.