Critical Diseases Insurance

Maybe we cannot guarantee sustained health at all times, but we can protect your finances in the face of any medical problem!

We guarantee the tomorrows of you and your loved ones! We protect you and your loved ones against the risks of loss of life, full and permanent disability due to illness, heart attack, stroke, or cancer with the Critical Diseases Insurance.


    • Critical Diseases Insurance provides coverage for you against the risks of cancer, heart attack, stroke, or full and permanent disability due to illness. You can use the lump sum figure you will be receiving to cover your treatment costs as well as other expenses. Furthermore, in case of loss of life, the coverage figure stipulated in the policy shall be paid to the beneficiaries.
    • A payment of TRY 50,000 for loss of life, and TRY 40,000 for Critical diseases will be among the options.
    • The insurance covers a term of 1 year. The policy will be renewed automatically due to the renewal guarantee extended for 5 years.
    • The insurance premium payable shall vary by your age.
    • You can pay your premiums either in advance or monthly in up to 12 installments, from your account or credit card.

Special Terms

    • To be entitled to critical diseases coverage, at least 90 days should have passed since the commencement of the insurance. The loss of life coverage, on the other hand, applies from the insurance commencement date on. For the critical diseases benefit to be payable, the insured should be alive by the end of 30 days to follow the final diagnosis of the illness. In case of death during the said 30 days period, only the death benefit shall be paid.

Tax Advantage

You can enjoy the tax advantage offered in the system as your life insurance continues to provide coverage.

You can deduct the following portions of the premiums you have paid, out of your income tax basis, up to the annual figure of gross minimum wage.

    • 15% of the wage earned in the applicable month for salaried employees
    • 15% of the declared annual income for taxpayers subject to annual declaration obligation

How To Apply?

For detailed information, please call our call center 444 0 336 or you can visit a Garanti BBVA branch.