Increase your security by taking the following security measures!

The security of your personal information and the private pension and life insurance transactions that you perform via Garanti BBVA Pension Internet and Mobile is very important for us. To maintain the security of its clients at the highest level, Garanti BBVA Pension is continuously following the latest and the most advanced security systems and striving to offer the most effective security solutions.

Remember, in addition to our applications, the precautions that you need to take are also important to ensure your security.

Please be cautious about the following matters for your security:

    • The most important measure that must be taken for security is to ensure confidentiality of your personal information and the password to be sent to you and not to share this information with third parties.
    • Garanti BBVA Pension never requests the personal information or password of its clients by e-mail.
    • Do not use the redirection of different pages.

Each time you want to log in to Garanti BBVA Pension Internet and Mobile, do not use the webpages offered via e-mail or in any other media; type at the address field of your browser and click Internet Branch button on this page and or use the mobile application directly you installed on your phone via App Store. This is the most efficient measure against phishing attacks.

    • Do not make any transaction by using public computers.

Never make any private pension and life insurance transactions by using computers belonging to others and public computers such as in internet cafes.

    • Be cautious if you are making any transaction in a public place.

If you are making a transaction in a public place, never leave the computer when Garanti BBVA Pension Internet and Mobile is open and never repeat your login PIN and password loudly.

    • Use original software and anti-virus program.

Anti-virus software protects your system against viruses. Therefore, it might be useful to install an appropriate software and scan your systems before you log into the system. However, remember that anti-virus software can scan only the known viruses and they might not know new viruses. So, use original anti-virus software and update new patches and versions regularly. If you are downloading something from the Internet, your anti-virus software should be in good working condition.

Click here for more information about anti-virus programs.

    • Be cautious when you are typing your password.

"*" mark should appear in the password and PIN fields on the screens that you use to log in to Garanti BBVA Pension Internet and Mobile; no figure and letters should appear.

    • Check the date of your last transaction!

When you log in to Garanti BBVA Pension Internet and Mobile, check the date of your "Last Wrong Login" on Login PIN via SMS screen.

    • When you complete the transaction, use "Exit" button.

When you complete the transactions at Garanti BBVA Pension Internet and Mobile, always terminate your session by using "EXIT" button to exit from Internet Branch.

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

We guarantee your privacy.

In compliance with its customer satisfaction and security oriented service philosophy, Garanti Emeklilik ve Hayat A.Ş. has adopted and is applying the following basic rules to ensure the privacy of all information given and disclosed by you through the Garanti Emeklilik ve Hayat A.Ş. corporate website and  Garanti BBVA Pension Internet and Mobile Banking (hereafter to be collectively referred to as the "Website").

    • Information shall be entered into our Website only for product/service applications and for information updating/following purposes.
    • For the sake of security of all information entered into our Website, all necessary measures are taken so as to keep and maintain our system and internet infrastructure at the most reliable and secure level.
    • The information entered by our customers into our Website for product/service applications and information updating/following purposes cannot be viewed by other internet users. Unauthorized access to the information shared with us by our is strictly restricted and limited for everyone, including the personnel of Garanti Emeklilik ve Hayat A.Ş.
    • Garanti Emeklilik ve Hayat A.Ş. will in no event share any of such information with any third person or entity without a prior consent of the relevant customer and unless required by the law.
    • Garanti Emeklilik ve Hayat A.Ş. may disclose such information only within the frame of the relevant authorizations and subject to the applicable laws and regulations. If and when any of the regulatory bodies and/or legislative or executive authorities and bodies having jurisdiction on Garanti Emeklilik ve Hayat A.Ş. requests disclosure of customer data and information, Garanti Emeklilik ve Hayat A.Ş. will reveal and disclose such information only within and to the extent of the relevant authorizations and permitted by laws.
    • Our Website provides links to other websites. Our commitments that exist in our Privacy and Confidentiality Policy are valid only for our own Website and do not cover such other websites. Other websites linked through our Website are subject to their own privacy and confidentiality rules and their own conditions of use. Accordingly, Garanti Emeklilik ve Hayat A.Ş. may in no event be held liable for use of information, ethical principles, confidentiality principles, characteristics and service quality of other websites linked through our Website for advertisement, banner or content purposes or any other purposes, nor may Garanti Emeklilik ve Hayat A.Ş. be held liable for direct or indirect material and/or general damages or losses that may occur in or be caused by such other web sites.
    • In the case of its collaboration with other different entities or firms for outsourcing any support services, Garanti Emeklilik ve Hayat A.Ş. will ensure compliance of such other entities or firms with its confidentiality rules, conditions and standards.
    • All information, materials and copyrights related to the of such information and materials arrangement in our Website belong solely to Garanti Emeklilik ve Hayat A.Ş. Accordingly, Garanti Emeklilik ve Hayat A.Ş reserves all of its copyrights, registered trademark, patent and other intellectual property rights on all of the information and materials contained in our Website, other than the materials owned by third parties.
    • All required actions and measures are taken in order to ensure the privacy of all personal data and information of our customers so as to keep and maintain our system and internet infrastructure at the most reliable and secure level. Please do not hesitate to contact us if and when you wish to get additional information on any matters with regard thereto.

Garanti Emeklilik ve Hayat A.Ş.

Protection of Personal Data

Dear customers,

We respect and attach great importance to the privacy of your personal data.

Therefore, we would like to inform you about your rights in relation to use and protection of your personal data within the scope of the existing law* in order to protect your fundamental rights and freedoms.

General Scope of the Law

The Protection of Personal Data Act No. 6698 defines us, Garanti Emeklilik ve Hayat A.Ş., as "Data Controller". According to existing regulations, carrying out certain actions as the Data Controller such as obtaining, recording, storing, updating, classifying and sharing with and transferring to your personal data with third parties within the scope of the regulations is considered as “data processing”.  

Why and How Are We Using Your Personal Data? **

We process your data for the following purposes:

- To offer you our life insurance and private pension products within the scope of Insurance Law, Private Pension Savings and Investment System Law, Banking Law, Turkish Commercial Code, Turkish Civil Code and other legislation,

- To record information about your identity, address and other necessary information in order to be able to identify you as a user,

- To offer you products and services to address your needs,

- To make the requested changes in the insurance and private pension products, to perform risk assessments, to complete compensation applications, to settle disputes with our Company or our agencies, to obtain relevant information and documents from relevant parties and to communicate them to relevant authorities, to fulfill our obligations while offering our products and services, to complete payment, fund and portfolio management transactions and to complete internet and mobile branch transactions,

- To share with you important information (using your contact details),

- To compile and convey you all records and documents to enable you to perform transactions via printed, verbal and electronic (internet/mobile banking etc.) means,

- To inform, as required by law, official organizations such as T.R. Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Treasury, the Pension Monitoring Center, the Capital Markets Board, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, Insurance Arbitration Commission, the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) and Turkey Insurance, Reinsurance and Pension Companies Association (TSB),

- To inform you about our company’s other products and services other than the ones already provided within the scope of the regulations, to plan and perform customized products/services/offers, to develop product, service, working model offers, to perform profiling and segmentation, to help our Company to create targets, scoring, risk analysis, and to improve customer relations management, to enable our Company to monitor and analyze its internal performance, to conduct statistical studies, to design service offering models, and to conduct market research,

- To record camera images at our regional directorate and the general directorate in relation to work place safety measures,

- To perform and monitor processes in areas such as corporate sustainability, corporate management, strategic planning and information security,

- To enable our Company to fulfill its legal obligations and to meet the requirements of the agreements we have reached with you. 

Who are we sharing your Personal Data with?

We may share your personal information with real or legal persons, organizations, institutions considered as financial institutions and other third parties as specified in the Insurance Law, Private Pension Savings and Investment System Law, and with public legal third parties such as T.R. Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Treasury, the Pension Monitoring Center, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, Capital Markets Board, Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) and Turkey Insurance, Reinsurance and Pension Companies Association (TSB), and with our principle shareholders and subsidiaries (e.g. Garanti Bankası A.Ş., Achmea N.V., Eureko Sigorta A.Ş., Garanti Konut Finansmanı Danışmanlık Hizmetleri A.Ş., Garanti Faktoring A.Ş., Garanti Finansal Kiralama A.Ş., Garanti Ödeme Sistemleri A.Ş., Garanti Bilişim Teknolojisi ve Ticaret T.A.Ş., Garanti Yatırım Menkul Kıymetler A.Ş. ve Garanti Portföy Yönetimi A.Ş.), with our other organizations such as brokerage firms and agencies, reinsurance companies, service providers or other program partner organizations we cooperate with, and local or international insurance, reinsurance and private pension companies.

How Do We Access Your Personal Data?

Your personal data can be collected orally, in writing or electronically via several channels such as our General Directorate, Regional Offices, Agencies, all channels operated by Agencies (ATM, kiosk, internet branch, call centre etc.), Company internet branch, Company’s mobile branch and call centre.

Cookies and Other Similar Technologies We Use to Collect Your Personal Data

We use files on our website called 'cookies'. These cookies compile information about your navigation on the site in order to offer you a better website experience. Cookies record the navigation on the web site of the visitor, determine which ads are placed, and in what frequency, and also analyze the impact of the ad and the reaction of the visitor.

What are your Legal Rights?

Contact our Company to find out;

a)       Whether your data is processed or not, or to get info about the purpose of the processing, or whether it is used properly or not,

b)       Where your personal data is used (domestically or internationally) as per the regulations, and who are these third parties your data is shared with,

c)       If your data processed complete and accurate or not (and request a correction,

d)       Whether your data is used in line with the provisions of the Article 7 of the related law (and request your data deleted or destroyed),

e)       Whether your data is used by third parties and request that your demands are conveyed to third parties in accordance with line (c) and (d) of the law, and ask them to take similar steps,

f)        Whether your data is analyzed in the automatic systems and raise objections about the outcomes that created undesirable conditions for you, and if you think your data is kept and used illegally causing you damages, you can claim indemnification for your losses.

In the event that such a request causes extra costs for the Company, you may be required to pay a fee that shall be determined by the Personal Data Protection Authority. Your inquiry will be addressed fully in the shortest time possible, or in 30 days latest, depending on its nature.

  • In order to take advantage of your legal rights please apply in writing to our General Directorate, Regional Offices or agencies. You can also apply to our company via your registered e-mail and also get detailed information from the website of the Personal Data Protection Authority.

Kind regards.

 *The Protection of Personal Data Act No. 6698 (“KVKK”)

**This info will be updated when changes take place as part of our personal data inventory works.

App Permission


  • -approximate location (network-based)
  • -precise location (GPS and network-based)



  • -directly call phone numbers
  • -read phone status and identity


  • -directly call phone numbers
  • -read phone status and identity


  • -read the contents of your USB storage
  • -modify or delete the contents of your USB storage



  • -take pictures and videos


Device identity and call information

  • -read phone status and video



  • -receive data from Internet
  • -view network connections
  • -full network access
  • -prevent device from sleeping
Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are fake e-mails that appear to have been sent from various banks and financial institutions and seem to contain urgent and important subjects.

Through the links sent with these fake e-mails, information about private pension contract and life insurance policies, your card information, card PINs, internet banking PINs and your personal information are requested. This is a clear fraud attempt. You should be cautious against such e-mails that are not received from Garanti BBVA Pension, and never reply and enter the information requested from you. Garanti BBVA Pension never allows PIN transactions to be performed via e-mail and never asks for customers' personal information by e-mail.

To verify if the directed websites belong to Garanti BBVA Pension, you can check the Security Certificate details on the address bar. To get more information about Security Certificates, please click.

For the security announcements published by the Banks Association of Turkey and other government institutions,
click here.

Phishing attacks can be done via e-mail as well as by using different communication methods. There may be frauds calling you and introducing themselves as lawyer, policeman, prosecutor, banker etc. Never believe those that want you to share any information written on your card, your card password or PINs that are sent to you via SMS. You should not share your critical card details with anyone including bank personnel. It is known that frauds recently introducing themselves as lawyer, policeman, prosecutor, banker etc. ask for money from potential victims and try to persuade to transfer money to themselves through banking channels.

Precautions that you can take to avoid these fraud attacks:

    • Always make sure of the sender and accuracy of the e-mail sent to you.
    • Do not click the links that are contained in e-mails sent by unknown person or entity and do not download the attachments of such e-mails on your computer.
    • Do not enter any information through the website links provided on e-mails or any other electronic environment.
    • Type the address of the website that you want to view in the address bar of your browser yourself.
Login PIN via SMS

The "Login PIN via SMS" implementation is the transmission of your "single-use PINs" via SMS to log in to Garanti BBVA Pension Internet. All SMSs sent within the scope of this implementation are free of charge.

You can enter your "Login PIN via SMS", which is sent to your registered mobile phone number, in "Login PIN via SMS" field on the screen that comes up after you enter your customer number or ID Number and pension password to log in to Internet Branch.

When using "Login PIN via SMS":

    • You only have to use Login PIN via SMS once for each login.
    • If you do not receive your PIN within 3 minutes, make sure that your mobile phone's message inbox is not full and that your mobile phone is within the coverage area. Then, you can request PIN again.
    • If you do not have an up-to-date mobile phone number registered in our system, please register your mobile phone number by calling our Call Center at 444 0 336.

If you have changed your SIM card;

In the case that you change your SIM card, the SMS's that contain single-use PIN's will be blocked for your security.

To receive single-use PIN's by SMS again, please call our Call Center at 444 0 336.

Sending SMS to abroad:

The Login PIN via SMS can also be sent to abroad.

The Features of SMSs used within the scope of this implementation:

    • Reach the receiver within seconds, much faster than the regular SMSs.
    • Their content is fully confidential and can only be viewed on the receiver's mobile phone.
    • The "Login PINs" that do not reach the receiver within 3 minutes are canceled and are not sent again.

For all your questions, you can call our Customer Communication Center at 444 0 336.

Security Picture

Garanti BBVA has developed the Security Picture application to prevent phishing attacks that target Internet/Mobile customers.

After this system is activated, the first time you use Garanti BBVA Pension Internet, the system will show you eight pictures and ask you to choose one of them. The picture you choose will be saved as your "Security Picture".

    • You will see your Security Picture after the password step every time you log on to Garanti Emeklilik Internet Branch.
    • This application has been developed to prevent our customers from carrying out their transactions on fake websites.
    • If you are unable to see your Security Picture or if you see a different picture, do not perform your transaction and immediately call 444 0 336.
Security on Internet

Ensure your security on the internet and use Garanti BBAV Pension Internet without any worries.

Browsing on the internet can be explained as the physical interaction of your computer with the internet environment. This always bears the risk that the information saved on your computer may be accessible from outside. Security on the internet is the secure transmission of the information that you send and receive.

There are 2 possible ways to gain unauthorized access to a computer:

    • The easiest way is to hide a virus program in a file. When you copy this file to your computer or open and run it from an e-mail attachment, the virus infects your computer. Viruses are generally hidden in application (.EXE) files, however the macro virus can also be hidden in office programs such as .DOC, .XLS, and .PPT files. Both virus types may harm your computer or may cause the confidential information on your computer or office network to be copied.
    • The best way to prevent this threat is to avoid downloading and using programs from websites that you don't trust 100% and opening e-mail attachments that come from unknown people or institutions. Another way for unauthorized access is to reach your computer via active website content. Active X and Java are technologies generally used to provide interactive content, however they may also be used for malicious intentions. You can prevent this content from harming your computer by adjusting your browser settings.

Security Zones

    • To protect your computer against malicious content means; disabling malicious content on websites that you browse through or being warned about this threat. You can define different security levels on your browser. With these security zones, you can prevent problems in regards to using active content and downloading files from trusted websites, and thus surf the internet without any interruptions.
    • When you first install the program, you can view all the pages on the internet, however you need to classify the websites as trusted and restricted websites.
    • Some websites, when you visit those websites, collect information about you and keep this information in a text file on your computer. These files are called Cookies. This file contains information about which websites you visit and the information that you enter in forms on these websites.
    • Cookies are not used to spread viruses. However you may not want to keep such information on your computer. By adjusting your security settings, you can control the use of Cookies on websites that you visit. You can adjust your security settings through the Tools menu, Internet Options window, Privacy step.

Useful Links

To have protection against the security gaps that you may encounter on the internet and to protect your computer against possible threats, you need to have various supplementary programs installed on your computer. Some websites from which you can download these supplementary programs such as "Internet Security, Personal Firewall, Anti Virus and Anti Trojan" programs, are listed in the useful links section.

Security Certificate

Garanti BBVA Pension Internet server certificates are used to enable users distinguish secure websites from fraudulent websites more easily.

If you are using an up-to-date browser that supports this feature, with® Extended Validation(EV) SSL Certificate, the address bar of your browser will be displayed in green when you log in to Internet Branch, and by clicking the address bar you will be able to access the details of the certificate which verifies the authenticity of

If it has been previously detected that the website is a fraudulent website, the address bar will turn to red.

Some browsers recognize this certificate, however cannot take advantage of the features it offers. These browsers don't have the green address bar feature.

You can access to the details about the version you use at "Help" menu, "About" option in your browser.

We recommend you to use an up-to-date browser. You can update your browser at the official websites of the companies.

What is a SSL Certificate?

SSL ensures that the data sent can only be decrypted at the right address. Before being sent, the data is encrypted and can only be decrypted by the right recipient. By verification on both sides, the privacy and the integrity of the transaction and the data are ensured.