Compensation Policy

Equal and Transparent Distribution

Garanti BBVA Pension adopts the equal pay for equal work policy. All the details about payments and rewards are shared transparently with employees and their executives. Payment notifications are made individually through the Human Resources system.

Remuneration Policy Principles

All our employees are paid in parallel with the business value of their positions. While our equal pay for equal work policy ensures similar payments to those in similar positions, external balance (market sentiment) and market dynamics are taken into consideration through payment studies. Employee performances and market conditions are considered for determining their salaries and payment sums.

Management by Objectives and Performance Appraisal

Performance is highly objective at Garanti BBVA Pension as it is based on concrete and measurable goals. Employees set goals that are suitable to their positions with their executives, in accordance with the objectives set at the beginning of the term. These goals are monitored throughout the year to make the necessary adjustments and give the necessary instructions. They are compared with the realized targets to designate their performance levels. All employees have the right to receive a vocal feedback of their performance appraisals and disagree with the designated performance levels.

Career Opportunities

Internal promotions are the fundamental approach at Garanti BBVA Pension. In return for their performances, Garanti BBVA Pension employees can take up required positions within the company through 'Career Maps' and 'Career Opportunities' programs. In parallel with their increasing responsibilities, they receive salary raises and fringe benefits in consideration with the sector and internal balance.