DijiBES Plan

An exclusive digital private pension plan suitable for those who want to make small savings and those who want to save more by choosing the advantageous package! You can directly apply from our digital channels, without calling our Customer Communication Center or going to the branch!

If the total amount you pay in a year is 12.000 TL or more, you do not pay any management fee*!

To meet the DijiBES plan, come to Garanti BBVA Mobile/Internet now, choose the small savings or advantageous package, create your contract easily and start saving right away!

Contribution: You have two package options at DijiBES.

Small Savings BES

With the “Small Savings BES” package, start saving in a way that suits your budget by paying at least TRY 240 per month!

Advantageous BES

With the "Advantageous BES" package, deposit at least TRY 1,000 per month into your BES account, or make interim payments and increase the total amount you pay in a year to at least TRY 12,000, and take advantage of the opportunity to save without paying any  management fee specific to this package!

Take the fastest step towards your future dreams with the Private Pension System!

Take the fastest step towards your future dreams with private pension system! You can join the system immediately by creating your contract under the Garanti BBVA Internet / Mobile Application menu without going to the branch.


Advantegous contribution amount

With the DijiBES plan, you can guarantee your retirement years just by paying TRY 240 each month, without compromising your current life standards. In addition, by depositing at least TRY 1,000 per month into your BES account or by making interim payments, if the total amount you pay per year is TRY 12,000 or more, you will not pay any management fee*!

TRY 100 from you and TRY 30 from the government

30% government contribution is one of the unique advantages of the Private Pension System. In private pension system, every TRY 100 you pay becomes TRY 130.

Flexibility to change plans and fund distribution

You can change your private pension plan 4 times each year to invest your savings in another plan you believe to suit you better. Moreover, you can determine which funds to invest your savings and change the fund distribution 12 times in a year.

Retirement with the most bonus points!

You can transfer the bonus points you’ve collected in your Bonus Card, to your private pension account to save even more.

You control the payments

Private pension plans offer flexible payment options. You can increase your monthly contributions, reduce it to the minimum contribution level of your pension plan and even halt your payments, any time you want.

Important Details

Deferred Entrance Fee

We certainly don’t want to see you go, but should you leave the system or transfer your agreement to another provider in the first 5 years, the total management service fee (Gross Minimum Wage * 8.5% * 5) we had withheld for the 5 years will be charged out of your overall savings at the time of exit, as the exit fee.

Management Fee

    • With the Advantageous BES package, when the total amount you pay in a year is 12.000 TL or more, do not pay any management fee*!
    • When you enter the Private Pension System with the Small Savings BES package, the amount corresponding to 8.5% of the monthly minimum gross wage to be applied in the relevant calendar year for each contract year for the first 5 years will be deducted from your total savings.
*If you proceed with the small savings BES package, the amount determined as 8.5% of the Minimum Gross Wage announced in the calendar year corresponding to each contract year will be deducted from your savings as administrative fees. The deduction amount that cannot be collected due to insufficient accumulation in the relevant contract year can be collected as long as the contract is valid If you progress with the advantageous BES package and reach the amount of savings that will enable you to benefit from the deduction advantage at the end of the relevant contract year, the administrative fee for the relevant year will not be taken. If you fall below the annual payment amount specified in the contract, the administrative fee will be collected from your savings at the beginning of the following year. After the end of the 5th year of your contract, there will be no collection of Administrative Fees.