Private Pension Funds

Funds that add value to your savings!

Our investment funds that steer your pension savings, are professionally managed by our expert portfolio managers to add even more value to your savings.

The assets that each pension investment fund in our system will invest within the financial markets are shaped according to the rules and limits set out in detail on the registration statement of the respective fund. Each fund’s type, return and risk level varies according to its instruments. Therefore, the fund you choose determines your returns and of course, your pension savings.

Our pension investment funds are directed by expert portfolio managers. Daily observations, audits and information are carried out for these funds and the fund assets are stored at Takasbank.

If you’re thinking: “Which funds should I choose to invest my savings? Funds seem too complex for me; I don't know how to manage my funds”, don't worry! You can find everything you’re searching about funds, on this page. If you are a Garanti BBVA Pension customer, you can learn about your Risk Return Profile, determine your fund distribution according to your risk perception and even change your fund distribution 6 times each year, right from our Internet Branch.