Sustainability Policy

Based on the principles set out by our main shareholder Garanti BBVA; we believe that it is our corporate responsibility to support our vision of becoming Europe’s best 'Private Pension and Life Company' in accordance with universally accepted values that advocate the society, economy and environment. As part of the international principles we follow, we accept the importance of the decisive projects on the environment and the fight against corruption with human rights, labor rights, our customers and all our respective stakeholders; we aim to inspire our sector through our leading activities.

As a Company, we’ve placed Corporate Governance Principles right at the center of our operating processes since our foundation. With our understanding of complete loyalty to these principles, we’ve been conducting legacy projects in light of our 'Essential Values'. Through the most hearty contributions of each of our family’s members; we believe that establishing environmental, economical and social sustainability signifies an important step towards the future of our country and we support all kinds of sustainability initiatives for these ends.

These are the main principles we base our sustainable activities and applications:

    • The principles of accuracy, equality, reliability, transparent and open communication, honesty, ethical behavior and meticulous application of laws without compromise are located right at the center of all business affairs of Garanti Pension and they are adopted and applied by all its employees,
    • A careful and meticulous approach has been adopted for decision making processes in environmental, social and economic domains; all sorts of threats and opportunities are carefully considered,
    • Garanti Pension accepts its environmental responsibility in advance and places environmental sustainability among its primary focuses.
    • It commits to Invest in Human Capital in order to hand its human-centric corporate culture down to the future generations,
    • Constantly monitors employee satisfaction; ensures a fair remuneration and reward system for all position levels,
    • Adopts an active governance model to improve and apply in-house sustainability projects,
    • Actively supports sustainability initiatives and realizes inspirational activities for the sector.

Senior Management is responsible for the approval of Garanti BBVA Pension Sustainability Policy. Sustainability Team is responsible for the follow-up, amendment, improvement, application and execution of the Policy. All amendments and adjustments shall be approved by the Upper Management.