Welcome a safe future with the Private Pension System!

Who wouldn’t want to live a relaxed and happy retirement where their current life standards continues, away from financial worries? But do you know that the safest and most advantageous route to such retirement goes through private pension system? All you have to do is regularly allocate some of your income each month to private pension to steer your future starting from today. You are at the right place to learn more about the private pension system (PPS); we are here to answer all the questions in your mind.

Advantageous World of PPS

While PPS allows you to live a comfortable retirement with your savings, it also offers various advantages that will make investing easier for you. Some of these advantages:

    • You can take advantage of the state contribution, which is not available for any other investment option, and receive state contribution* of 30% over your payments to the system. So, every TRY 100 you pay becomes TRY 130 with the state contribution.
*The amount of state contribution paid to a participant is limited by 30% of the annual gross minimum wage.
    • You can determine your total payment, in other words your contribution, according to your budget.
    • You can choose your payment periods (monthly, every 3 months, every 6 months or annually).
    • If you make your payments through Garanti BBVA credit cards, you can benefit from special advantages.
    • You can hold your payments at any time you want and then continue as you wish.

We would like to remind you that, the earlier you join the system, the more you will save for your retirement.

Let Your Savings Pile Up In Good Hands

If you are wondering: “How will my savings be valued?” don't worry. Your savings are in good hands. All our activities are under constant audit and inspection of government-sanctioned institutions. Your payments are used to purchase your choice of pension investment funds and these funds gain value in your private pension account.

Garanti BBVA Pension Internet Is Always By Your Side!

You can monitor your savings any time, through Garanti BBVA Pension Internet/Mobile, or Customer Communication Center at 444 0 336.

You can easily login to our Internet Branch by using either your Garanti BBVA customer information or using Garanti BBVA Pension login option to create a new password.

Best Time to Join: Now

Your profession, your income level, your working conditions... No matter what you are looking for, now is the right time for you to join private pension. A little reminder to those who say: “I’m still a long way from my retirement. I will do it sometime later”: The earlier you start investing for a future that will soon knock on your door, the more comfortable you’ll be in your retirement.

For detailed information you can call 444 0 336.  In order to join private pension system you can visit Garanti BBVA branches, use Garanti BBVA Internet via www.garantibbva.com.tr, or download Garanti BBVA Mobile from the button below.