Select ABU Plan

You can benefit from the top limit of the government contribution by paying a montly contribution equal to minimum gross wage amount with Select ABU Plan. (In 2024, you have the opportunity to receive a government contribution up to a maximum of TRY 72,009.00. If your contribution or additional contribution payments total TRY 240,030.00 throughout 2024, an extra TRY 72,009.00 will accumulate in your government contribution account.)

Contribution: TRY 20,003 each month


Zero management fee deduction!

When you choose Select ABU Plan, you can take advantage of zero management fee deductions.

No payment upon entry

You do not have to pay any entrance fee upon entry.

No payment upon entry

You do not have to pay any entrance fee upon entry.

TRY 100 from you and TRY 30 from the government

30% government contribution is one of the unique advantages of the Private Pension System. In private pension system, every TRY 100 you pay becomes TRY 130.

Retirement with the most bonus points!

You can transfer the bonus points you’ve collected in your Bonus Card, to your private pension account to save even more.

Flexibility to change plans and fund distribution

You can change your private pension plan 4 times each year to invest your savings in another plan you believe to suit you better. Moreover, you can determine which funds to invest your savings and change the fund distribution 12 times in a year.

You control the payments

Private pension plans offer flexible payment options. You can increase your monthly contributions, reduce it to the minimum contribution level of your pension plan and even halt your payments, any time you want.

Important Details

Deferred Entrance Fee

We certainly don’t want to see you go, but should you leave the system or transfer your agreement to another provider in the first 5 years, the total management service fee (Gross Minimum Wage * 8.5% * 5) we had withheld for the 5 years will be charged out of your overall savings at the time of exit, as the exit fee.

Management Fee

In cases where an amount equal to the total minimum contribution amount is not paid within a year (plan minimum contribution*12), 4.25% of the minimum gross wage amount announced for the first 6 months of the calendar year will be deducted from your savings as a management expense deduction at the beginning of the second contract year. It will be collected in installments. In each contract year, the relevant plan will be checked against the current minimum contribution amount, and if the amount due is not paid, the relevant deduction may be made in the following years.