Employer Group Pension Plan

Almost every employer wishes their employees to love their jobs, be loyal to the company and work efficiently. On the other hand, employees prefer to work with employers who value them and improve their standards of life. Now, it is very easy to realize the preferences of both parties! Thanks to our exclusive Employer Group Pension Plan for companies, we offer special advantages to both employees and employers.


    • Low management fee

With employer group pension plans, companies that want to contribute to the future of their employees through private pension payments, can receive much better conditions than those offered to private pensioners. Companies receive special advantages like low administrative fees and discounts on entrance fees, according to different criteria like the number of employees and participants of the group and total net asset value of the pension fund.

    • You make difference among other employers

Companies that offer side benefits like private pension to their employees are more popular among employees. This helps you to employ and maintain qualified personnel.

    • Increases the efficiency of your employees

Private Pension System is as effective as a salary increase for boosting the motivation of the employees. Employers who make payments to the system on behalf of their personnel, gain significant benefits like improving the motivation and corporate loyalty of the employees.

About Vesting

Employees whose monthly contributions are paid by their companies, need to work at their employer company for a certain period of time in order to become vested to these contributions. This period is called vesting and it can not exceed 7 years starting from the participant’s signature of the group pension contract.