Corporate Social Responsibility

As Garanti BBVA Pension, based on our responsibility towards society as a whole as well as our shareholders, we are obliged to protect the bright future of both our customers and employees; we guide them, add value and make them feel Garanti BBVA’s guarantee.

Since our foundation, we have been acting with the sense of social responsibility as a company and placed great emphasis upon developing related projects. One of our main priorities is to realize sustainable, long-term and value-added projects, about children’s education and health in particular.

We base all our social responsibility activities on the voluntary participation and support of our employees. As a company, we expect our employees to consider the economic, social and environmental effects of their activities, manage these activities with a sense of social responsibility and give top priority to society’s development on their agenda.

As Garanti BBVA Pension, these are our core principles for our corporate social responsibility activities and applications:

    • Develop and implement projects that contribute to the society and aim to improve the life quality of individuals.
    • Realize and support projects on especially children’s health and education.
    • As it is one of the most fundamental social problems in Turkey; carry out activities to help stop children working on the streets or any working environments, continue their educations and raise public awareness on the subject.
    • Ensure active participation of employees and stakeholders in the project recommendation, development and application stages of all social responsibility activities.
    • Form close collaboration with non-governmental organizations like Ayhan Şahenk Foundation and Community Volunteers Foundation, in addition to our stand-alone projects.
    • Focus on the issue of 'hobbies', which is very important in making people happy with higher quality lives in both their present and retirement days; encourage people to get hobbies and therefore, raise awareness for hobbies.