Environmental Policy

As Garanti BBVA Pension, we are determined to continuously and distinctively increase our contribution to our customers, shareholders, employees, society and the environment.

Accordingly, we have established our Environmental Policy based on the following commitments:

    • Respecting the environment, adopting and spreading environmental awareness,
    • Keeping the direct and indirect environmental impacts of our activities under control,
    • Precisely monitoring and performing our part in all the legal regulations about the environment as well as continuously following the sustainability programs developed in the national and international arena,
    • Helping in the creation of a more habitable and sustainable world with environmentally conscious interest groups,
    • Acting with the awareness of constantly improving our environmental performance and leaving a habitable world for the future generations,
    • Encouraging multi-directional communication to contribute the awareness and improvement of our employees, customers and all our stakeholders.

In light of these principles, Garanti BBVA Pension accepts its environmental responsibility in advance and places environmental sustainability among its primary focuses.

Environmental Management System

As Garanti BBVA Pension, in order to systematically manage our direct and indirect environmental impact, we began our operations to establish the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) in September 2015. Accordingly, we’ve created our Environmental Management System procedures in parallel with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System procedures and in March 2016, we’ve been audited by an Independent Auditing Firm and qualified for the first time in our sector to receive the certification for our General Directorate buildings, Customer Services and Call Center department in Güneşli and our Regional Offices in Istanbul. In July 2016, we’ve expanded our extent even more and incorporated our Suburban Regional Office buildings into the system. After all the audits in 2016, Garanti BBVA Pension has become the first and only private pension and life company to have the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate at all its locations.

Waste Management

Our Environmental Management System primarily states the re-use of wastes, recycle if not possible, and disposal without harming the environment by licensed companies if they are not recyclable. Our approach towards waste management is as follows:

Re-use: We prefer reusable and eco-friendly products in our Company.

Recycling: Starting from the buildings within our Environmental Management System, recyclable wastes should be delivered to licensed recycling and disposal facilities.

Waste Sorting: Recyclable paper, plastic, metal, glass and medical wastes should be delivered to our registered municipality or licensed companies for recycling.

Dangerous Waste Management: Resulting dangerous wastes should be collected as part of the stated norms and delivered to licensed recycling and disposal facilities.