Fund Coach in 3 Steps

If you have a private pension plan at Garanti BBVA Pension, you also have a Fund Coach!

Fund Coach is a pension fund robo-advisor that makes an assessment over markets for Garanti BBVA Pension customers in order to offer them the best fund distribution according to their risk preferences.

Steer your investments with Fund Coach in 3 Steps!

Determine how much risk you want to take in your pension investment.

View the fund distribution that the Fund Coach offers exclusively to you.

Implement the fund distribution offered by your Fund Coach to easily control your distribution.

    • Login to our Garanti BBVA Pension Internet / Mobile and click on Fund Coach menu.
    • Create your risk profile and view Fund Coach’s exclusive fund distribution for you.
    • Apply Fund Coach’s special fund distribution plan that is prepared according to your investment preferences and return expectations, and leave the rest to Fund Coach!

It is as easy as that to plan your private pension investments with Fund Coach!

When the Fund Coach fund distribution offer to your profile has changed due to prevailing market conditions, your Fund Coach informs you via SMS and e-mail for you to easily change your distribution over the Internet / Mobile Branch.

You can login to our Garanti BBVA Pension Internet / Mobile with your Garanti BBVA customer credentials or your Garanti BBVA Pension credentials.

Download Garanti BBVA Pension Mobile App.

It is very easy to become a Garanti BBVA Pension customer!

If you still don't have a private pension plan at Garanti BBVA Pension, you do not have to go the branch. You can easily join the system by quickly creating your agreement for the DijiBES Plan under Garanti BBVA Internet / Mobile application menu.

*Fund Coach is offered by the solution partnership between Garanti Pension and Life Inc. and Garanti Asset Management.
**Fund allocation provided to risk groups via Fund Coach reflects the views of Garanti Pension and Life Inc. and it is not part of the investment consultancy service. Investment consultancy service can be offered within the framework of an investment consultancy contract that is signed between intermediary institutions, portfolio management companies, banks that don't accept deposits and their customers. Considering the financial situation and variety of return preferences, investment decisions taken according to these views may not lead to favorable results. @2019 Garanti Pension and Life Inc.