What is Garanti BBVA Pension Hayatı Yaşa?

A very colourful world including many services and advantages that will make you feel happy and special... While we are working on ensuring you a happy retirement, you can invest in your future by  doing your hobbies and creating lasting memories.  By doing so  you gain a higher quality of living, enrich your social life, and live a happier and more colourful life!


    • You can take advantage of up to 50% discount for your activities and workshops that we prepare for you with leading companies every month.
    • As well as helping you to choose the most appropriate classes according to location, time and budget. Hayatı Yaşa also helps you during the registration process. So all you have to do is take up your dream entertainment or choose a hobby that you are interested in!
    • We organise monthly events bulletins to get together members with similar interests and give you opportunity to have more active and lively social life.

You can follow our monthly events calendar on our web site. You can also bring along a friend to enjoy our activities.


Hayatı Yaşa events are held in İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Bursa, Antalya.


To be able to benefit from these advantages, the only thing you need to do is be a part of Garanti BBVA Pension family.